Helping Interior Design Biz owners get all their marketing content in 1 hour/week

1000+ ready-made templates for your social media and marketing activities to help you create a year’s worth of content in just 60 mins/week.


Get instant access to 1000+ done-for-you, fully customizable marketing content templates created exclusively for interior designers.

Creating great content is now simple, easy, and fast. Marketing your brand is now possible without hiring expensive designers & copywriters.

Is Canny the right fit for you?

Have you wanted to post consistently on social media, but haven't been able to dedicate sufficient time?

Does it feel exhausting merely thinking about the process of ideation, research, design, writing?

Have you tried getting help from graphic designers & content writers, but felt it wasn't economical?

Do you feel it's not financially viable to hire people or an agency for creating brand collaterals?

Are you willing to start taking action to show up regularly online, build & grow your brand?

Do you have basic copywriting & PPT skills to customize a template to fit your brand?

If any of these sound familiar... ...Then Canny is built for you

Imagine how simple your life would be if...

You had countless ideas to create content as opposed to having no idea where to begin each time.

Every time you sit down to plan your marketing activities, you don't stare at a blank screen ever again.

You were able to post fresh, engaging, high-quality content every single day.

Your audience, profile, leads, and brand keeps on growing on autopilot (almost).

Achieve all of this by spending only a few minutes/day & without having to hire expensive services.

Content Library for Interior Designers

What's included in your membership?

1000+ ready-made & fully customizable social media posts, ad creatives, ad copies, emails, lead magnets, and other marketing content templates created exclusively for interior designers. More importantly, this is an ever-growing library; Quantity & variety of content will more than double every year!

Social Media Posts

Show up every day with fresh, customizable social media posts with pre-written captions and hashtags. It takes less than 5 mins!

Our awesome features
Lead Magnets

We have a suite of readymade, 100% customizable, done-for-you lead magnets. Create your own branded lead magnets in minutes!

Our awesome features
Landing Page Inspirations

Browse through tons of real-life examples of great websites and landing pages from the best interior design brands worldwide.

Our awesome features

Stop feeling overwhelmed. Stop racking your brains. Stop wasting your time, energy & money. Start building your interior design brand smartly, effortlessly, & consistently.

How it Works

Using Canny to grow your interior design brand, and business is as easy as parroting 1-2-3. Quite literally! No learning curve. No complexities whatsoever.

Browse & Select

Browse through our vast collection of content library and choose the content pieces you want to use.

Download or Edit

Download directly or customize the content if you wish to. All you need is a FREE Canva account.

Post / Print / Use

Use the content for your social media, website, emails & ads, and watch your professional brand consistency build.

More output. Less legwork.

With Canny, you don't have to spend so much of your time, energy & money to create marketing content from scratch.

Our awesome features
Browse & Select

- Browse through the template database. - Use category tags and filter to narrow down your search. - Pick your choice Easy peasy :) Wide variety to choose from: Design Tips, Holiday Wishes, Testimonials, Offers/Promo, Quotes, Fun Facts, Engaging Posts such as A vs B, This or That, Choose your Favourite, Comment Below/Fill in the Blanks, Question Posts, etc...

Our awesome features
Download or Edit

- Simply download the selected template. OR - Customize in a few clicks the fonts, colors, images & other graphic elements to match your branding. No sweat :) No fancy software or design skills are needed. Basic copywriting & PPT skills are all you need to customize a template within minutes.

Our awesome features
Post / Print / Use

- Download your creative. - Use it as you please; post on your social media, or your website, or for your ads. That's it :)

Sounds simple. Is it? It actually is!

They say 80% of success is simply showing up! With a massive content library at your disposal, create engaging content (show up) in less than 5 minutes.

interior design social media templates

When it comes to creating marketing content, most interior design biz owners face these problems:

If you're reading this, chances are you're grappling with some of these problems. And chances are, you understand the importance of consistently creating professional-grade content pieces - which is why you're reading this in the first place.

Interior Designers' Problems

Simpler, smarter, faster way to create content is what you've been missing all along.

Maybe you've tried creating content before. But, time and time again, gravity pulls you away. Something important comes up. What starts off exciting becomes too difficult. And before you know it, you're back to square one. All because content creation from scratch is hard. And, hiring freelancers or agencies is expensive :( Canny solves this problem. With 1000s of ready-made, fully-customisable marketing templates, you don't have to spend hours creating content from scratch, or spend 1000s of dollars of your budget on hiring/outsourcing.

Break free from your constraints

Stop wasting your precious time staring at a blank canvas, or a blinking cursor on a blank page. Start creating content smartly, effortlessly, & consistently.

Get instant access to 1000+ done-for-you, fully customizable marketing content templates created exclusively for interior designers.

Stop Overthinking... ...Start Building Your Brand


Nothing out there can compare with our pricing. We offer the best ROI. Period.

Ready to up your Marketing Game?
One Simple Plan. No Confusion.
  • 700+ Fully Customizable Social Media Creatives + Captions + Hashtags
  • 20+ Lead Magnets
  • 60+ Landing Page Inspirations
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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, contact us using live chat or email.

Canny is a powerful marketing content platform built specifically for small and medium sized interior design business owners. Canny's ginormous content libraries come in handy and act as pocket swipe files' repository when creating various types of content pieces targeted at every different step in your customers' buying journey. Before signing a contract with you, your customers go through a series of decision steps: 1. Awareness (they need to know that you exist and understand how what you sell can satisfy a need) 2. Consideration (understand what you offer, who you are, and if they can trust you) 3. Decision (make the buying decision after understanding key benefits and other details, price, conditions, etc.) At each of these stages, they will have different questions and needs, and you need to orchestrate a consistent, brand communication strategy in a way that addresses these needs. Canny's content library has a vast variety and quantity of content pieces neatly tagged and organised to help you search/discover easily. If you want to get results with your marketing, it's vital to show up consistently across channels; social media, email, ads, printable, etc. Canny is a one-stop shop solution for all your content marketing collateral needs.

Small & medium sized interior design business owners who are at an inflection point in their growth stage struggle to be consistent in maintaining a professional brand outlook, and keep their social media activity regular. Brand building and organic social media activity always take a backseat because of other (far) MORE IMPORTANT business priorities. The business has grown to a point to keep the founder very (very very very) busy 😵 but hiring a dedicated social media person OR a digital agency is still not on cards due to budgetary constraints. It costs anywhere between $500 to $5000 per month; tools + social media manager/digital agency on a retainer. This, especially during the current market scenario, is totally out of question. YET deliberate brand building and social media presence is of paramount importance for business growth, and these activities improve the lead-to-sale conversion ratio by a few notches! Studies after studies have concluded that customers do their research online before making the buying decision. And when it comes to hiring an interior designer, the customers sure scan through the social pages to get the look & feel, flavor of your work, and brand. Canny is THE SOLUTION to your current situation until you decide to hire an agency or a social media marketer/designer. The best part - at ONLY a tiny fraction of the cost. Thus, saving those precious "100s of dollars" and "10s of hours of time".

You get full access and usage rights to ALL of the content within Canny library. - Customizable Social Media Creatives, Captions & Hashtags - Lead Magnets - Website & Landing Page Inspirations This is a LIVING DATABASE of marketing collateral content pieces. New content (both volume and variety) will be added regularly based on the demand and your feedback.

It's a super simple 3-step process. 1. Browse & Select: Browse through our vast collection of content library and choose the content pieces you want to use. 2. Download or Edit: Download directly or customize the content if you wish to. All you need is a FREE Canva account. 3. Post / Print / Use: Use the content as you intend to and watch your professional brand consistency build, and land new clients!

Please note that this solution isn't the perfect replacement for social media managers or digital agencies BUT the best available alternative until you decide to hire one (or two or more 😉). All the content pieces in the repository are fully customizable in Canva. Within a few clicks, you can fully personalize - images, colours, fonts - EVERYTHING! It works even if you don't want to personalize all the pieces that you use. It would be akin to re-purposing the existing content, which is a widely practiced content strategy. And moreover, not every interior designer on earth will purchase Canny membership and use the same content, color, font, image combo - less than 1 in a million chance of this happening!

Check our pricing section for the latest updates. However, one this we can say for sure is that the price only keeps on increasing from here as we add more and more content.

The pricing plan includes everything in Canny, and there are NO OTHER CHARGES whatsoever.

We do not offer free trials because this is a straightforward, simple-to-use/understand info product and you get instant access to all digital downloads.

Due to our products' nature (digital goods), all sales are final. Once the checkout process has finished, you automatically gain access to the templates. There is no guarantee or proof that you or anybody else in your team, organization or family are not going to use our content after receiving the refund.

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